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Quantum Lead Solutions - (310) 299-0999
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Training and Frequently Asked Questions:
How are Leads delivered?
   Press 1 Leads:  These are delivered to the e-mail used to order the leads, unless     otherwise directed, the day after the recordings are generated.  
   Live Life & Avatar Final Expense Leads: These are delivered in real time to an     online shared Google Folder.  See the top video to the right.  Share notices are sent     to the e-mail used to place the order.  

What is the lead time and turn around time on orders?
    There is no set rule for turn around time as different areas respond differently to     telemarketing campaigns.  Areas with higher Non-English speaking populations     will generally return leads slower.  However, below are some general guidelines for     lead and completion times:
    Press 1 Leads:  Campaigns begin within 3-5 business days of order receipt and     orders of 25 leads are usually finished within 5 business  days of campaign start.  
    Live Life & Avatar Leads:  Campaigns begin in 4 business days unless     the Expedite Option is ordered, in which case they begin with  24 hours. The     Expedite Option does not deliver the leads faster, but begins the campaign     immediately.  The rule of thumb for finishing campaigns after start is 3-4 business     days for every 10 leads ordered.  

Do I need a Gmail account in order to access my leads?  
    No.  You will need a to create a Google account but this can be done with any e-mail.     See the video (top right) on how to create a Google account and access your leads.  


How much do leads cost?  
    Please click "Prices & Orders" in the menu at the page top. That is our most current     pricing and discount information. If you have any special questions or requests do     not hesitate to send us a message.  See "Contact Us".

How do I process the Leads?
    For this, watch the sale training video immediately (second right) and take good     notes.

What type of success are agents having with these leads and what kind of closing ratio do they see?
    Because we service Independent Agents throughout the country, there is no reporting     obligation for lead success. However, we have spoken with agents that order from us     frequently and this is what they have told us. The average agent on an order of 10     leads is submitting about 3-4 applications. We do know agents that do much better,     but those seem to be the averages.

How come you don't have any testimonials on your site?
    Ok, here's one: "These are the best leads I've ever worked! Could not be happier!!"     John F -     CA.    It is our belief that testimonials on websites aren't worth the virtual     paper they are not printed on. It would be like believing  everything you read on     Facebook. So why bother? If you want to just try us out, just do the 10 lead order.     We call that our "Tire Kicker" order.  Most will say you can't tell the quality of leads     based on just a 10 lead order, but we feel strongly enough about the quality of our     leads that we say go for it. You'll know we are legit with just that first small order.