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Quantum Lead Solutions - (310) 299-0999
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Credit Policies and Guidelines
It is the goal of Quantum Lead Solutions to put agents in front of prospects that wish to speak with them regarding Burial Insurance.  To that affect, what we provide are Leads.  Leads are not sales.  We make every effort to bring you a quality lead but sometimes we, like everyone else, can make mistakes.  If we make any of the following mistakes we will happily REPLACE, NOT REFUND, the lead.  Once the order is placed and data is loaded, there are no refunds.  We will consider a refund if your campaign has not already begun AND no data has been purchased.  Credit requests must be received within 5 business days of date of origin.  Credits must be submitted using the Credit Request Form.  Download HERE.

Valid Reasons for Replacement:
  • The lead is over the age of 85
  • The lead has a PO Box AND no valid phone number
  • The prospect has died within 72 hours of lead generation
  • The prospect has moved within 72 hours of lead generation
  • The lead is a duplicate within the last 60 days and is the same lead type
  • The prospect stated "Not Interested" anytime after the introduction message
  • The prospect volunteered that they had a fatal disease during the call.  Fatal is considered less that 12 months to live.
  • The prospect does not speak English
  • The prospect is out of the requested area by greater than 5 miles
  • Press 1 Leads: Wrong phone number

​Non-Valid Reasons for Replacement:
  • Cross platform duplicates will not be replaced. If you order Press 1 Leads, Live Life Leads, and Avatar leads in the same area at the same time, you may get duplicates.  These are all generated on completely separate systems.  
  • The prospect is crazy
  • The prospect didn't buy
  • The prospect lied to the telemarketer
  • The prospect is just really lonely and wanted company
  • They are really poor, either financially or in health status 
  • The prospect swears they didn't talk to anyone despite their voice on the recording
  • The prospect has responded 5 times this year to every marketing effort you've made and never buys
  • The prospect was really looking for insurance for their cousin, brother, mother, car, dog, etc., but didn't say so on the call 

Again, our goal is to find you people who have stated they are interested in speaking​ to you about burial insurance.  Our script is designed to put you in front of people who fit this criteria.  If the script is followed and we've done what we said we were going to do on our end, then as far as we are concerned, it's a Lead.  Regardless of what happens at the door or on the call back.  If you feel you have a special circumstance that warrants review, please go ahead and fill out the Credit Request Form and we will give it our honest attention.  

A solid Agent understands that after they have been given that opening, the rest is up to them, and that NO ONE bats 100%.  We've been doing this a lot of years and have many repeat, long term customers.  If you are not pulling an average of 2-4 apps per 10 leads you receive then I would advise looking at how you're trying to get in front of people.  We have some AMAZING training videos available in the training section above.  Check them out and GOOD LUCK!!!